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Additional ratings can be added to pilot licences (PPL+) to remove restrictions, or to allow certain activities that would otherwise not be permitted. We offer ratings that allow you to fly at any time of day, or in more diverse weather.

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Night VFR Rating

Instrument Rating

Instructor Rating

Night VFR Rating

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Hours: Unit 13.0

Aircraft: PA28-181

A night rating removes the time pressure of last light when flying cross-country. It allows you to fly an aircraft at night in fair weather conditions. You will be able to fly your family and friends over the city lights and return home after dark. It is most commonly accomplished during the CPL course, but can be achieved separately as well. Overall, it's a very useful add on to your pilot licence (PPL+). 

Night VFR

Instrument Rating

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Hours: Unit 20.0

Aircraft: PA28-181 / PA44-180 / BE76 / BE55 

An instrument rating allows you to take off, navigate and conduct an approach to land with sole reference to the instruments in less favourable weather conditions; i.e. under instrument flight rules (IFR). Simply put, you are able to fly through clouds and other weather, as opposed to avoiding them. Instrument ratings can be completed in either single-engine or multi-engine aircraft, however, should you choose to complete the rating in a single-engine aircraft, you will not be able to use the rating in any multi-engine aircraft, even if you have a multi-engine class rating.


Instructor Rating

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Hours: Unit 30.0

Aircraft: PA28-161

An instructor rating allows you to teach other people how to fly. There are three levels, or grades, of instructor rating. You'll begin as a grade three flight instructor, but can upgrade to higher grades once you've accumulated enough experience.

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