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Pilot Licence


Hours: Unit 138.5 / Progressive 204.0

Aircraft: C206  

Command Building:  PA28-181 

The commercial pilot licence (CPL) stage provides understanding of how to handle an aircraft like a commercial pilot, thus enhancing the advancement of your aviation career. CPL holders may also be paid to fly. The RPL syllabus is revisited and taught in more detail, and of a higher standard; fine tuning the students handling skills. Navigation is revisited and taught with commercial considerations in mind. By completion, the student will be a more efficient and adaptable pilot.

On completion of your CPL, you will be able to fly for hire or reward; i.e. to be paid to fly.

Flight Lessons

The following is a list of flight lessons that are covered during this stage of the course.

  • Constant speed unit

  • Endorsement flight

  • CPL general handling

  • CPL navigation 1

How Long Does It Take?

If students fly once a week, it will take approximately twelve months to complete the course. However, students will learn more efficiently the more frequently they fly.

  • CPL navigation 2

  • CPL navigation 3

  • CPL navigation 4

  • Pre-licence check

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Estimated Total Hours and Expenses


The following matrix lays out estimated hours and total cost to complete the unit. However, it should be noted that, as each student is different, more (or less) hours may be required and this will effect the total price. Fewer hours will be required for a student that flies often, as less remedial work is needed. All prices stated are in AUD, and based off the rates for our Piper Archer III and Cessna 206. Prices exclude GST, however, all new students at Brisbane Aviators are eligible to receive GST free training.

101.5 hours solo @ $348per hour

23 hours dual @ $600 per hour

14 hours solo @ $504 per hour

Landing Fees

Theory - 7 subjects

CPL Flight Test

Briefing @ 90.00

Total Unit Cost

Progressive Total***

*CPL Flight Test price on Cessna 206

**Price for 15 hours Briefing

*** Total cost for RPL +PPL +CPL 













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