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At Brisbane Aviators we specialise in training self-paced students who seek professionalism and high standards, but require flexibility in their schedule. Our customers include aspiring pilots preparing for a career in aviation as well as aviators working towards a Private Pilot Licence and enjoying the thrill of flying for fun. 


We are affiliated with Australia's largest flight college, Basair Aviation College, with alumni now flying for airlines all around the world. Our team of instructors are all highly qualified and dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals.


Brisbane Aviators has access to a diverse range of aircraft from basic trainers like the Piper Warriors & Archers to commercial trainers such as Cessna 206's, as well as multi-engine aircraft like Piper Seminoles and Beechcraft Barons, which equip aspiring pilots with the foundations to succeed in the industry. The fleet are maintained to a high standard by our in-house team of specialised maintenance engineers.


If you want to try learning to fly - come in and speak to one of our team members and learn more. 

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