AIRCRAFT RATES New rates effective from July 1st 2021


$242 Solo, $347 Dual

$15 Landing Fee

At Brisbane Aviators we use the Cessna 152 as the starting point for most of our RPL students. It is slower than the other aircraft in the fleet, so students have more time to prepare for manoeuvres. The high wing design also provides

exceptional stability.



$284 Solo, $394 Dual

$18 Landing Fee

Like the 152, the 172 is also popular for flight training. With a faster cruise speed and two more seats, it's great for cross country flights. The C172 is one of the most popular aircraft ever built, and has certainly earned it's place in the history books.



$480 Solo, $590 Dual

$25 Landing Fee

A heavier and faster option for commercial training. It requires a bigger step up in skill level, however, it is the most commonly used aircraft in single-engine entry level jobs in Australia. Alumni that have trained in the Cessna 206 have found it helps them secure their first job.


PIPER PA28-181

$331 Solo, $441 Dual

$18 Landing Fee

The Piper Archer is similar to the Piper Warrior, but slightly faster. As such, it is also ideal for PPL training, and is used extensively for additional ratings such as Night VFR and Private Instrument Rating. These ratings can be added onto a 'base' licence to allow a pilot to operate in more conditions.



$478 Dual

$15 Landing Fee

The Decathlon is a tail wheel, high wing aerobatic aircraft, used for tail wheel and aerobatic endorsements.



$782 Dual 

$39.00 Landing Fee

The Baron is the most widely used twin-engine charter aircraft in Australia. It is faster than the Duchess, and more complex to use. Experience in the Baron gives graduates an advantage when applying to operators that use Barons. 



$105 Solo, $189 Dual

Our DCX MAX simulator can be used for procedural training and instrument rating training for all of our aircraft types.


Prices are for wet hire and exclude GST and other Air Services charges.

Where applicable, GST is charged at 10%.