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Pilot Licence


Hours: Unit 31.5 / Progressive 73.5

Aircraft: PA28-181

During the private pilot licence (PPL) training, you will learn how to navigate and improve on your handling skills. You will learn how to use dead reckoning for navigation, as well as instruments such as GPS, ADF, and VOR. At the end of this training, you will be able to solo cross-country navigation flights. Combined with the skills you learned in the RPL stage, you will be an accomplished private pilot. Students can choose to study PPL theory at Brisbane Aviators' weekend courses, or self study the content by themselves.

Estimated Total Hours and Expenses


The following matrix lays out estimated hours and total cost to complete the unit. However, it should be noted that, as each student is different, more (or less) hours may be required and this will effect the total price. Fewer hours will be required for a student that flies often, as less remedial work is needed. All prices stated are in AUD, and based off the rates for our Piper Archer III. Prices exclude GST, however, all new students at Brisbane Aviators are eligible to receive GST free training.

21 hours dual @ $455per hour

10.5 hours solo @ $348 per hour

10 landings @ $20 per landing

5.0 hours SIM dual @200 per hour

PPL Starter Pack


Briefing @90 per hour

PPL Flight Test

Total Unit Cost

Progressive Total***

*PPL Flight Test price flying Piper Archer III

** Price for 15 hours Briefing 

*** Total cost for RPL + PPL 











On completion of your PPL, you will be licenced to fly anywhere within Australia. You will be permitted to rent aircraft and carry passengers on navigation flights. You will not be permitted to fly for hire or reward, however, you may share the cost of aircraft hire evenly between yourself and any passengers. Without additional ratings, you'll be restricted to flying by day only, in visual meteorological conditions (VMC); i.e. fair weather flying.

Flight Lessons

The following is a list of flight lessons that are covered during this stage of the course. Most lessons typically take three to four hours.

  • ADF and VOR orientation (sim)

  • ADF and VOR intercepts (sim)

  • 5 Dual navigation flights

How Long Does It Take?

If students fly once a week, it will take approximately three months to complete the course. However, students will learn more efficiently the more frequently they fly. It is recommended that students try to fly at least once a week.

  • 3 Solo navigation flights

  • Pre-licence check

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