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Looking for something to mix up these school holidays? Brisbane Aviators is proud to introduce it's school holiday solo program. During the two-week period, you'll fly with an instructor until competent, and then fly solo (by yourself) to finish the camp.

Enquire today for more information.

Minimum age: 15+


First Solo Program


Requirements to complete in 2 weeks.

1. CASA Aviation Reference Number (ARN)


Apply for an ARN

2. CASA RAMPC Medical, or Basic Class 2 Medical (Required prior to start)

RAMPC Medical Certificate Form (CASA) 

3. AELP or GELP (Can be organised through reception)

Contact (07) 3270 2444 for any queries.

Learn to be a pilot...

Dual Flight Lessons.

You'll complete the following flight lessons prior to first solo:

  • Effects of control

  • Straight and level

  • Climbing and descending

  • Turning

  • Stalling

  • Training area circuits

  • Circuits (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Circuit emergencies

  • First solo check

Bookings essential, contact (07) 3270 2444 for more information.

How Much Does It Cost?

12.0 hours dual @ $455 per hour

0.5 hours solo @ $348 per hour

12 landings @ $20 per landing

3.0 hours SIM dual @ $200 per hour

10 hours of briefings @ $90 per hour



Total Estimated Cost

*Total cost depends on aircraft type flown and time flown. Each lesson is competency based.

Prices are quoted as a Piper Archer III






From $7,374*

Expressions of Interest

first solo program

Thanks! Message sent.

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